BellyBabyBreast Pillow Reviews

I just got my pregnancy pillow and oh my gosh

I just got my pregnancy pillow and oh my gosh!!!!! HEAVEN!!!! Works like a charm and really supports me sleeping on my tummy. Very impressed!’

I never thought it would work

I never thought it would work. There was no way it would be comfortable. Boy, was I wrong!

Great Pillow!

Love this pillow and it was so affordable!

Provides relief for my sore ribs

I am 27 weeks pregnant and got this pillow because when I lay on my side or back (or even just general pregnancy pain during the day), a lot of pressure from my growing belly and organs push up into my rib cage and I am really sore. I wanted some relief. I have researched and although it is fine to sleep on your tummy with this, I haven't slept overnight with it. But I do use it to be able to out my body in a different position and relieve some aches and that is worth the price point to me.

For the belly-sleeping pregnant momma

So many preggo pillows are like puffy snakes designed to wrap around your body like a boa trying to suffocate a cow. Well, not this baby!

Like the crater in Mexico from the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs, this pillow has a crater in the middle so you can wipe out your inability to sleep due to pregnancy!

If you have a dog, he will try to use it every chance he/she gets - so even your DOG will approve of your decision to purchase this. And dogs never lie.

Wonderful for Massage

I’m a massage therapist and have used this once on a 20 week prenatal massage and it worked like a charm. She said it was very comfortable and she could probably be safe up to 24 weeks

Good Product

My patients and I love it!!

Just as advertised

The product is just what it says it is. Fit and comfort will depend greatly on pregnant woman's size and preferences but it's a great starting point in the search for comfort aides.


I’m in love!! Just what I was looking for to take pressure off my shoulders! Does not smoosh boobs either.

Not Just For Pregnancy

I bought this not only for pregnancy, but I have some clients w a big belly and is difficult for them to be face down comfortably without the use of bolstering.

Love These Pillows

Love these pillows and so do my patients! These are so versatile! They work for my pregnant, postpartum and infant patients! I have a set that were really expensive, and I also purchased 2 of these. The quality is just as great as my other pillows. I wish I knew about these before buying my first set. With how often patients ask how to purchase these pillows for home use, this price is wonderful and makes it easy for them to buy as well!!

Great Product

I bought this for my friend who's pregnant and has had a tough time sleeping because she's used to sleeping on her belly. She said this pillow is very comfortable and has helped a lot.

Amazing Pillow

Love it! This pillow was a life saver when I needed physical therapy on my back during my third trimester. My physical therapist said he'd never seen anything like it and was planning on purchasing one for his practice!