For Professionals

Chiropractors and other professionals working with pregnant moms need to consider the most comfortable way to do their checks or body work. Drop away abdominal pieces on adjusting tables are just not comfortable. Flat tables are almost impossible to be comfortable on. The BBB Pillow offers a safe and comfortable way for chiropractors to do leg length checks and allows for Webster protocol checks to be done accurately, as well. The 4” deep pillow accommodates most women but in the rare event that it is not, it can be layered with an additional pillow.

Other body work professionals, including massage therapists, acupuncturists, cranial sacral therapists, among others, will find their clients pleased to be so relaxed and comfortable during treatment. And the pillow is priced to allow professionals to have one in every adjusting or therapy room!

It can be used to comfortably work on nursing mothers, women who are recovering from breast surgeries and women who are just not comfortable laying on their stomachs due to the size of their breasts.