Our Story

How The Pregnancy Pillow Was Born

We are a family-run business begun in 2014 with a commitment to meet the high standards required for success.

Dr. Kevin W. Ross, D.C., has been caring for his chiropractic patients in Tempe, Arizona for 30 years.  He finds particular success in helping families grow up as healthy and drug-free as possible, and currently his practice is over 40% children. With all of those children, he has adjusted MANY pregnant women.  He was concerned when so many of these women missed being able to sleep and rest on their tummies and found sleeping difficult. His search for the perfect pregnancy pillow led him to make his own.

Brayton – Dr. Ross’s son-in-law handcrafts each foam piece to exacting specifications.

Katie – Dr. Ross’s daughter Encases each pillow in organic cotton cases and carefully packages each pillow so it is ready to ship.

Dr. Ross personally makes sure they are shipped to you as quickly as possible via UPS ground service.

BBB Pregnancy Pillow