Yes, you CAN sleep Belly-Down while pregnant.

Get Belly-Down Sleep Here!

For Belly-Down Sleep

NOW there is an amazing and affordable option for ‘Belly sleepers’ – even during that final month! Your pregnant belly fits into the center.


For Baby Co-Sleeping

The pillow can also be used for your infant while co-sleeping - cradling your child and giving you peace of mind! Allowing for better sleep for mother and baby.


For Breast

Breastfeeding moms experience tender and painful breasts. Just turn the pillow sideways, place under your breasts and can sleep on your stomach!



We are a ‘Father and Son’ business. 

The Father: Dr. Kevin W. Ross, D.C., has been caring for his chiropractic patients in Tempe, Arizona for over 20 years.  He finds particular success in helping families grow up  as healthy and drug-free as possible, and currently his practice is over 40% children. With all of those children, he has adjusted MANY pregnant women.  He was concerned when so many of these women missed being able to sleep and rest on their tummies, and found sleeping difficult. His search for the perfect pregnancy pillow led him to make his own. 

Enter the son: Taylor Ross handcrafts each pillow to exacting specifications, encases them in the 100% cotton cases made by a local sewing house with family in the military and ships them directly to you! 


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Why People Choose Us

  •   Comfortably sleep on your belly while pregnant, nursing and post breast surgery.
  •   Reduced hip and back pain.
  •   Affordable.
  •   Other pregnancy pillows take up way too much space!
  •   Fits into a standard pillowcase, and therefore matches any décor.
  •   Can be used to cradle your infant
  •   No known contraindications.

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