Tender and painful breasts-sleeping

Breast sleeping pillowBreastfeeding moms can experience tender and painful breasts, and some women are just not comfortable lying on their stomachs due to the size of their breasts.  Just turn the pillow sideways, place under your breasts and now you, too, can sleep on your stomach!

Women who have had breast surgeries either for augmentation or mastectomy will find the pillow particularly comfortable. Most surgeons agree that after 3 – 4 weeks that the only factor limiting a belly-down sleep position is comfort. The BellyBabyBreast Pillow eliminates pain and pressure allowing you to sleep in comfort. Be sure to discuss this with your surgeon and get clearance as you may proceed at a different pace. And since the pillow fits into a standard pillowcase, you can take it with you when you travel without any embarrassment!


Yes, you CAN sleep Belly-Down with tender and painful breasts.

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