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The Pregnant Mama’s Guide to a Good Nights Sleep
We all know that sleep is in short supply when there is a new baby in the house, but most of us are taken by surprise when we discover the challenges of getting a good nights rest when we are pregnant.     Between getting up for potty breaks and trying to find that perfect position sleeping is disrupted at best.  Add in leg cramps and strange pregnancy nightmares and you will soon be wishing for the kind of sleeplessness that...

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Is it safe to sleep Belly-Down while pregnant?
There are no contraindications for belly-down sleeping while pregnant. Doctors agree that it is perfectly safe to sleep on your stomach, or belly-down while pregnant, for as long as you are comfortable. That used to be until 16 – 20 weeks but now with the BBB Pillow, you can continue to sleep on your belly for much longer – most likely for the entire 9 months! In reality the only reason for not sleeping on your belly is comfort.  That...

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