Belly Down Sleep

Belly-Down sleeping pregnancy pillowPregnancy is a wonderful time of life but as your body changes; it can be difficult finding a comfortable sleeping position. There are a number of pregnancy pillows available for side sleeping but they are expensive and take up way too much space! Side sleepers can also experience painful shoulders and hips upon waking. NOW there is an amazing and affordable option for ‘belly-down sleepers’ – even during that final month!

There are no contraindications for belly-down sleeping while pregnant. Doctors agree that it is perfectly safe to sleep on your stomach, or belly-down while pregnant, for as long as you are comfortable. That used to be until 16 – 20 weeks but now with the BBB Pillow, you can continue to sleep on your belly for much longer – most likely for the entire 9 months!

Is it safe to sleep belly-down while pregnant?

In reality the only reason for not sleeping on your belly is comfort.  That is it… There is no anatomical reason to not be able to (like the compression of blood vessels of laying on your back)… very little is written other than “you won’t be able to comfortably sleep on your stomach”.  There is not a single research article about the risks of prone or belly down sleeping.  It truly is a comfort issue and providing another way to rest while pregnant.

– Dr. Kevin W. Ross, DC

Yes, you CAN sleep Belly-Down while pregnant.

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