Baby Co-Sleeping

Baby co-sleeping pillow

As an added bonus, this pillow can also be used after birth. The pillow can be used for your infant while co-sleeping, cradling your child and giving you peace of mind! The natural shape gives the baby a slight incline that is so helpful for those babies with reflux issues.

Many cultures feature families sleeping together and studies have shown that in the U.S., anywhere from 13 to 45 percent of parents have reported co-sleeping with their infants. We do not recommend to parents any particular sleeping arrangement since we don’t know the specific circumstances of each home. But we do know that by supporting your child, the BBB Pillow offers you peace of mind, allowing better sleep for both of you!


Co-Sleeping Pillow

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Please follow basic safe co-sleeping procedures and take all precautions when considering where your children will sleep. “Never leave your infant unattended.”